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Woundclot Veterinary: The Perfect Solution for Animal Wound Care

Woundclot Veterinary extends the effective haemostatic dressing solutions to the animal kingdom. Whether for your pet, agricultural animals, or inhabitants of zoos and wildlife parks, Woundclot Veterinary caters to all.

Available Sizes and Their Applications

The Woundclot Veterinary range is available in three sizes: 10cm x 10cm, 8cm x 20cm, and the Z-Fold 8cm x 100cm. The process of treating an animal wound with Woundclot is identical to human application. However, interaction with animals requires extra caution to prevent bites or injuries.

10cm x 10cm Woundclot Veterinary

The 10cm x 10cm size is commonly found in pet first aid kits, providing a sufficiently large pad for cuts. The material allows for packing into the wound as well, supporting effective clotting and wound control. Bandages can then be applied to keep the Woundclot in place while transporting the animal to a veterinary clinic.

8cm x 20cm Woundclot Veterinary

For those requiring more versatility, the 8cm x 20cm Woundclot provides a larger surface area suitable for more substantial cuts. This size allows for more product to be packed into the wound if necessary.

Z-Fold 8cm x 100cm Woundclot Veterinary

The largest size, Z-Fold 8cm x 100cm, is best suited for higher risk situations involving significant tissue loss or substantial injuries. The Z-Fold gauze allows for easy packing of the product into the wound. However, unlike the smaller sizes, it does not easily tear, making it perfect for treating multiple injuries.


From common pet care to addressing major injuries in larger animals, Woundclot Veterinary offers a safe, effective, and versatile solution. Always remember to consult a veterinary professional in emergencies for optimal animal care.