The Composition of Woundclot

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WoundClot: The Revolutionary Haemostatic Solution

The Unparalleled Advantage of WoundClot

WoundClot sets itself apart from other haemostatics with its unique composition and patented manufacturing process:

  • Cellulose-Based: WoundClot is made from cellulose, a natural fibre product, ensuring biocompatibility and effectiveness in achieving haemostasis.
  • Non-Oxidised, Non-Regenerated: WoundClot is the only non-oxidised, non-regenerated cellulose structure product in the world. Other haemostatics made from cellulose utilize an outdated method involving oxidisation, which significantly reduces their ability to absorb blood, adhere to wound surfaces, and create a conducive environment for haemostasis.

A Unique Manufacturing Process

WoundClot's patented manufacturing process eliminates the need for an active ingredient, as the material itself is engineered to be inherently haemostatic:

  • No Active Ingredient: Unlike other haemostatics that rely on synthetic or natural substrates impregnated with active ingredients such as calin, chitosan, collagen, silica, or thrombin, WoundClot stands out by not requiring an additional active ingredient.

WoundClot's revolutionary composition and manufacturing process make it a superior choice for achieving effective haemostasis.