What is Woundclot?

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WoundClot: A Revolutionary Approach to Bleeding Control

Uncontrolled bleeding can quickly become a life-threatening situation, making rapid response essential. Whether resulting from accidents, surgeries, or combat situations, stopping the bleeding fast is vital. Here, we introduce WoundClot, an innovative haemostatic product, designed specifically for rapid bleeding control.

Introducing WoundClot: A Unique Haemostatic Product

WoundClot is a non-woven, sterile, and biodegradable haemostatic agent, designed to quickly control bleeding in emergencies. Derived from natural cellulose, it contains no animal-derived materials.

How Does WoundClot Work?

When WoundClot contacts blood, it absorbs the fluid and transforms into a gel-like substance adhering to the wound. This creates a stable clot that quickly halts the bleeding. Moreover, WoundClot enhances the body's natural clotting process, aiding in the healing.

Benefits of Using WoundClot

  • Rapid Haemostasis: WoundClot acts swiftly to stop bleeding, a crucial factor in emergencies.
  • User-Friendly: WoundClot is easy to use and does not require special training or equipment. It can be applied directly to the wound.
  • Non-toxic and Biodegradable: Made from natural cellulose, WoundClot is non-toxic, biodegradable, and leaves no residue in the wound post-use.
  • Versatile: WoundClot is effective across a variety of settings including hospitals, clinics, military, first aid, and emergency response. It can treat different wound types, including traumatic injuries and surgical incisions.
  • Long Shelf Life: WoundClot's extended shelf life makes it a practical addition to any medical kit or emergency response kit.

WoundClot comes in various sizes to accommodate different wound types and sizes. Additionally, it's available for both human and animal use, and there's also a training version.

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