Packing a wound with Woundclot

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Applying WoundClot Z-Fold Gauze to Large Injuries

The WoundClot Z-Fold gauze is a versatile, effective solution for larger wounds that require packing. It combines the unique clotting functions of WoundClot with the simplicity of use often associated with Z-fold gauzes.

Advantages of WoundClot Z-Fold Gauze

The WoundClot Z-Fold gauze outperforms its counterparts in terms of versatility and adaptability. You can tear it into smaller pieces, making it suitable for treating multiple injuries or various parts of the body. It is a powerful asset in large-scale emergencies.

Unlike conventional Z-fold gauzes, which often solidify and require surgical removal, WoundClot creates a gel-like plug over the wound. This plug not only stops bleeding and promotes healing but can also be easily removed. Given that it's made of natural cellulose, it won't cause complications after use.

How to Use WoundClot Z-Fold Gauze

Using the WoundClot Z-Fold gauze is quite straightforward. Simply open the package, tear open the product, and you will find the folded gauze. It is easy to handle and apply. To pack a wound, you push it into the wound and tear off any excess, which can be used for injuries elsewhere on the body.

The larger Z-fold gauze is an ideal addition to any first aid kit due to its capacity to handle a range of wound sizes. Although it may be more costly, it is cost-effective to have a variety of sizes in your kit.

Demonstration of WoundClot Z-Fold Gauze in Action

To demonstrate the effectiveness of WoundClot, consider a mock knife wound on a training gauze. Applying water, mimicking blood, to the WoundClot results in a quick transformation into a gel-like plug. This tacky clot extends right up to the cut, offering close contact with the wound and forming a barrier. This level of treatment would be impossible with conventional haemostats on the market.


WoundClot Z-Fold Gauze's unique clotting abilities, versatile design, and easy-to-use packaging make it an invaluable tool for managing large wounds and various injuries, enhancing the efficiency of any first aid kit.