Woundclot trauma gauze

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An In-Depth Look at WoundClot Trauma Gauze: A Must-Have for First Aid

WoundClot Trauma Gauze is a versatile first aid product suitable for a range of users, from first aiders to military personnel. Available in four sizes, this gauze is a crucial addition to any first aid kit.

Understanding the Versatility of WoundClot Trauma Gauze

Whether you are an ambulance responder, a military medic, or a first aider, WoundClot Trauma Gauze can be an invaluable asset to your medical supplies. This easy-to-use gauze comes in four different sizes: 10x10 cm, 8x20 cm, 20x30 cm, and an 8x100 cm Z-fold variant.

Using WoundClot Trauma Gauze

The trauma range of this gauze is identifiable by its distinctive green packaging. The packet is easy to open, with notches on both sides indicating where to tear. It can be opened from the top or side, making access quick and easy in emergency situations. Key information, such as the manufacturing and expiry date, is clearly labelled, and the packet also includes instructions for use. However, it's always recommended to train beforehand to maximise effectiveness during emergencies.

Opening and Applying the Gauze

To open the gauze, you simply need to hold either side of the packet and tear it open. The gauze inside is folded in half, ready for application. Of course, you should ensure your hands are clean or gloved before handling to maintain sterility.

The 10x10 cm gauze is perfect for covering a wound of a similar size, but it's versatile enough to be adapted for different needs. You can tear it easily with your fingers or cut it with shears. If needed, you can roll or fold it to pack into a smaller wound or use an additional piece of WoundClot to cover the packed wound. Unlike some products that can only be used to pack a wound, WoundClot offers various application possibilities.

Integrating WoundClot into Your First Aid Kit

Our standard community bleed kits and general first aid kits include the 10x10 cm WoundClot as a staple. This piece can transform any conventional workplace first aid kit into a trauma kit by being added to a standard HSE medium dressing. This addition can swiftly elevate a medium dressing to a trauma dressing.

Choosing the Right WoundClot Size

Your choice of WoundClot size will depend on your anticipated needs. In our standard first aid kits, we commonly include the 10x10 cm gauze. For personal use, having one or two 10x10 cm pieces and an 8x20 cm piece can provide good coverage. If you're preparing for potential large surface area injuries, the 20x30 cm gauze is an ideal choice. It can cover a large wound or be cut down to size if necessary.

The most versatile option in terms of length and size is the 8x100 cm Z-fold gauze. This variant can be used to pack into wounds, cover larger wounds, or provide multiple strips to treat multiple injuries. While this size may be more expensive, its versatility in usage provides a valuable return on investment. Review the range, consider your budget, and anticipate the types of injuries you're likely to encounter when choosing the right WoundClot products for your kit.