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WoundClot Hemostatic Solutions: Effective Bleeding Control for Diverse Sectors

WoundClot offers highly effective solutions for controlling bleeding, tailored to various sectors. It's a versatile and indispensable aid in emergency, veterinary, and training scenarios.

WoundClot Trauma: Emergency Hemostatic Solution

Designed for emergency situations, WoundClot Trauma is the perfect tool for first-aiders, first responders, military personnel, and other high-pressure scenarios. Its immediate bleeding control makes it an invaluable resource in critical circumstances. WoundClot Trauma comes in distinctive brown packaging and is available in sizes of 10x10 cm, 8x20 cm, 20x30 cm, and a Z fold pack of 8x100 cm.

WoundClot Vet: Specialised Hemostatic for Animals

WoundClot Vet has been uniquely designed for use on animals. It's a versatile addition to pet first aid kits and veterinary practices, enabling vets and pet owners to control bleeding on pets effectively. Packaged in noticeable green, WoundClot Vet is available in three sizes: 10x10 cm, 8x20 cm, and a Z fold pack of 8x100 cm.

WoundClot Training Gauze: Practise Makes Perfect

For those looking to master the application of WoundClot, the WoundClot Training Gauze is an ideal tool. It offers an opportunity to practise using WoundClot in various simulated situations. Please note this training gauze should not be used in real emergency situations. Packaged in blue, the training gauze is available in one size: an 8x100 cm Z fold.